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Our Commitments

Creating a footprint we can all be proud of

The footwear industry has a significant impact on our planet - one we are determined to help minimise.

From using new, low-impact textiles and technologies to committing to our science-based net-zero targets, we are determined to do our part to create a more ethical and sustainable future for footwear.

There doesn’t need to be a compromise. We can continue to create quality footwear that is people and planet conscious.

We're creating a future of footwear that puts people and our planet first.

Target net zero emissions

To reduce climate impacts across our operations and supply chain, we commit to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

To manage our progress towards net zero, we have set a series of near-term targets, including;
• By 2024 – complete scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions baseline
• By 2026 – transition to 100% renewable energy across operations.

Creating a circular economy Creating a circular economy Creating a circular economy Creating a circular economy

Taking a multifaceted approach to reducing our impact, we are applying innovative thinking to the design, production, operations and end-of-life stages of our products.

Beyond initiatives within our direct control, we are also working to provide our customers with solutions to give their pre-loved footwear an extended, or perhaps, second life.

Uphold human rights & eliminate modern slavery

We pride ourselves in only partnering with suppliers who share our values of upholding human rights and eliminating modern slavery.

In our commitment to exceeding industry site audit standards, we work collaboratively with our manufacturing suppliers to create localised, accessible programs that provide factory workers with the resources and confidence to speak up and speak out.

Learn more about our approach through our most recent modern slavery statement.
Modern Slavery Statement

Build workforce skills, capability & development

We believe in nurturing people’s passion and curiosity by encouraging everyone to see the opportunities in everything they do, push boundaries, have a go, and make an impact.

We do this by actively creating growth and progression opportunities through a combination of bespoke offerings and formal development programs.

We're essentially saying, ‘Tell us what’s important in your role right now and where you want to take it, and we’ll support you to get there’!

Embed diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Crucial to our past success and paramount to our future, connection is the key to everything we do. Connection to our products, to the people we work alongside, and to those within our value chain.

To strengthen our connections and reinforce a culture where everyone is safe to thrive, we are embedding DEI&B education programs and anti-bias training into the fabric of our ways of working. We have also partnered with renowned industry expert Winitha Bonney to aid our journey as we open the door to better conversations and ensure our diverse workforce can flourish.

Provide an unrivalled culture & support wellbeing

Culture and wellbeing are intrinsically linked at MFG. We know that when our people feel their best, they perform at their best.

Providing an unrivalled culture means more than offering a support network and working in a space that allows our team to thrive – it means genuinely connecting with others, taking time to celebrate the little things, and being there when our teams need a helping hand.

Our dedication to our people and our values extends beyond the walls of our buildings or stores. We support the communities we live and work in, and help our people to do the same.

MFG Commitments

We’re committed to learning, growing, and adapting what we do to prioritise sustainability now and into the future.

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